Our Story

Why we love what we do


IVY Hair Extensions is an Australian owned Company established in 2005 by Founder Ivana Veronika. Our story began from the very first day Ivana walked in Sydney's Hair Salon to get her own very first hair extensions applied. After years of trying to grow her own hair, the sudden feeling of instant long, healthy, glamourous silky smooth hair made her feel amazing and she knew she was addicted!


There was no going back to short hair ever again as she found her new best friend - hair extensions! The feeling of instant transformation was priceless!!!

This is when her research began for the world's best hair extensions and IVY Hair Extensions was born.


Our main purpose was to find hair extensions that are high in quality, durable, silky smooth at all times, easy to maintain and gentle to own natural hair, giving an opportunity to every girl in the world to experience beautiful long hair.
She interviewed a lot of women and found cheaper hair extensions boomed the market, but the hair quality was a disaster. A lot of different hair methods these women were using damaged their own natural hair, leaving them with severe breakage, knotting and even bald patches. But still to her surprise these women went back for more despite of damage caused!


After thousands of hours spent on research, testing and sampling, Ivana's mission was to stand out from the crowd and offer high quality extensions with safest application method to keep natural hair healthy at all times and best of all, available at affordable prices.

We have finally discovered and proudly introduced an unique high quality Asian Virgin Remy Human Hair that is cuticle correct in each and every hair strand. What this means is every cuticle remains flowing in the same direction which ensures a smooth, glamourous longer lasting extensions life span without experiencing any dry and knotty effects.

Ivana began offering IVY Mobile service and created so many transformations on women and watched their faces light up with huge happy smiles, excited about their new look.

Not only they received a superior quality of hair, they also received their new best friend - hair extensions, just like Ivana did in her very own hair extensions experience. We introduced mix colour blends and being a perfectionist in her work, her mission was to transform the hair on every customer.


She has an eye for blending the colours and creating the most natural look from hair extensions, to the point where no one can detect a person is wearing extensions. Her passion and ability to create such makeovers was recognised and word spread across Australia. 

Our company grew and suddenly we found IVY Hair was in a high demand.


Today, IVY Hair Extensions is proudly available to Hair Salons and Hair Extension Stylist all around the World. We are very passionate about our products and thrive on providing full customer support and service to anyone who loves hair extensions.

We are highly involved with Social Media Networks and love connecting with our fans on daily basis.

On behalf of IVY Hair Extensions, I feel very proud to share my own experience with you and I still to this day get so excited to see IVY Hair Extensions is changing lifes!

It's such an inspirational industry to be involved with and I dont believe my passion for hair extensions will ever disapear. 

I look forward taking IVY Hair to the next level, introducing it to the fashion shows of New York, to the Hollywood Red Carpet and many more exciting new locations!


Your Sincerely,

Ivana Veronika

The Founder & Creator of IVY Hair Extensions Pty Limited