Where does hair come from?

IVY Hair Extensions proudly stocks and supplies 100% top quality pure Asian Remy Human Hair Extensions.


What is Remy Hair?

We only use Remy Hair in our IVY hair extensions. The term Remy means 'Cuticle correct'. This means that only the finest virgin (Untreated & not previously coloured) hair is used. The hair differs from normal 'Silky' hair that's available on the market, because it is hand picked & aligned so that every single strand runs in the same direction that it grows from the scalp. This ensures that the cuticle on each hair is running the same way (downwards), in order to keep the hair shiny & soft. After picking & aligning, the hair goes through a gentle; but very complicated treatment process, to colour, straighten & treat the hair in the best way.


What colour to choose?

We completely understand that choosing the right colour from a computer screen cannot always be easy, to ensure the exact colour please send us a photo of your own hair and we will match it. Hair extensions can usually be one shade lighter or darker than your hair & still blend in. It makes all the difference once they are applied in your hair. In general most people's hair is darker underneath.

We offer an easy exchange policy if your hair extensions do not match, simply return them along with a sample of your own hair (if necessary) for an exchange of the correct colour or refund.


Will hair extensions damage my hair?

Hair Extensions can damage your hair if you don’t look after them correctly. Each client is given a hair care and maintenance guide and if followed this greatly minimises any potential for damage. Damage can occur if you pull them out instead of having them taken out by a professional or if they are not applied in the correct manner. To avoid any damage to your hair, you need to keep up your hair extension maintenance as per the recommendation by your professional stylist.


How long does it take to apply hair extensions?

This depends of course on how much hair you are applying, for half head of tape hair extensions it can take about 30 minutes, and a full head ONLY 1 hour! Instant makeover! 

Keratin bond application can take up to 3-4 hours for a full head.


Can I blend more than one colour?

Yes, we will often blend more than one colour to achieve the perfect match. Make sure you have a colour match consultation with a hair salon first.


Can I blow-dry, curl and straighten my hair extensions?

Yes. We use only 100% remy human hair, which means you can style it just as your own hair. It is best to avoid direct contact with heat on the tape bonds or keratin bond part of your extensions.


Can I swim with hair extensions?

Yes you can. Just keep your hair tied up, so it doesn't tangle in the water and wash it out straight after to avoid any chlorine or salt water being left in, which can make the hair dry.


How should I care for my hair extensions?

You need to use good quality shampoo and conditioners, leave in daily moisturiser is recommended, brush your hair every day and keep your maintenance appointments within the recommended time frames. Further details are provided on consultation day.

Scroll down the page for some more info regarding care & maintenance.


What is Euro hair?

You may find other products on the market called Euro Hair. Some people think Euro hair is pure Russian hair or blended hair with European hair, but truth is - Euro hair is combination of Asian or Indian hair or both.

Pure Russian hair is available to purchase as raw virgin hair but it does not come bonded. Pure Russian hair cost $1000+ plus in-house bonding.

We have seen many other suppliers who buy the hair from same factory IVY hair is produced and call their hair Russian or Euro hair because customer thinks that is the best quality hair, hair feels so soft and beautiful, but the hidden truth behind it - it is Asian hair.


How Do I Place An Order?​

You can place an orde simply by shopping online or call us directly to order over the phone - 0420 716 685.


How long shippment takes?

Shipping times always vary depending on which Country you are located in.

International shipping are sent by Registered Post (outside Australia) can take 4-8 working days.

Within Australia delivery is by Express Post 1-2 working days.

Shipping delays are rare & we always ship out our products same day your order is placed.



Care & Maintenance For Your Hair Extensions

1. Please do NOT wash your hair for 48 hours after your Keratin or Tape extensions are applied. This will allow bonds some time to fully dry, creating a very strong and durable attachment to your hair.




3. Shampoo as normal. Apply a handful of conditioner from mid length down to length. Always avoid applying conditioner close to your bonds area.


4. After washing, towel dry your hair gently, taking care to avoid rubbing your hair too harshly.


5. Always BLOWDRY your Hair Extensions after washing and ensure your bonds are always left dry. If you leave bonds wet, you may risk slippage or shedding. Salon professional powerful hairdryer is strongly recommended.

Brush hair extensions with a soft bristle brush twice a day (once in morning & once before sleep) starting at the length first.

When blowdrying your hair extensions It is recommended that you use a salon professional hair dryer and smooth dry extensions using a ceramic thermal spike round brush. This will create a gorgeous silky smooth straight finish. If you desire to wear your hair wavy or curly, you may now use hair straightner or curler to create gorgeous curls. Hair spray at length to keep curls longer lasting is ok to use.  

5. Do NOT use hot heat directly onto your bonds as it may cause them to melt.


6. NEVER use products that contain acetone, alcohol and sulphur as these can strip colour of your extensions. Make sure your Shampoo & Conditioner that you are using does not contain any sulphur chemical. Also avoid products that contain oil or silk serums at the bonds.


7. Before going to bed, you can protect your hair extensions by pulling it back into a gentle ponytail if you like to wear your extensions straight. If you choose to plat your hair, just be aware that your extensions will have a natural wave through once you wake up in the morning.

Silk pillowcases will keep your extensions lasting smoother for longer.  Please NEVER GO TO BED WITH WET HAIR!


8. Hot rollers, curling irons and hair straightners are OK to use, as long as you avoid using them near the bonds.


9. Swimming pool chemicals and seawater can weaken your bonds and sometimes make your hair knotty. After swimming, please rinse hair immediately. Add some conditioner to your length before shampoo and conditioner as normal. Wash hair and rinse. Blowdry your hair straight away and use round thermal ceramic brush to smooth dry. This will open any unwanted knots caused by sea water or chlorine and give your hair beautiful nice & smooth finish. 


10. Keratin Treatment and Colouring Hair – If you are planning to get Keratin Treatment done or colour your hair, please allow 7-10 days for Keratin Treatment to settle and make sure you have 2-3 hair washes before permanent extensions are applied.                                                             

Please allow 3-5 days (1-2 washes) for Colour to settle before you apply permanent hair extensions.

If you apply extensions too close to date of keratin treatment or colour, as your hair remains slippery, you risk having your extensions slip out.

Yes you can colour IVY hair extensions. (Note: Never colour darker extensions lighter colour. You are best to choose lighter colour extensions to tone them to desired colour.) If you are colouring extensions different colour, you are best to apply colour onto the extensions before they are applied in clients hair and make sure you avoid placing colour and water direct onto the bonds.


11. KERATIN BOND Hair Extension Clients - once your keratin bond extensions are applied, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you touch and feel your keratin bonds on regular basis with your fingers. It is natural to shed natural hair, so when this happens, your shedded hair gets caught in your bond. While your baby hair grows, what can happen is your shedded hair will grab onto your baby hair and can start to create dread-locks around the area. By touching your bonds gently with your fingers on regular basis, you are preventing this from happening. Also make sure when you are brushing your hair, that you are using the above brushes shown in the picture and that you are brushing over the bonds too.




Refund and Returns:

Your satisfaction is our first priority at IVY Hair Extensions. If your item is faulty upon receipt or is not as described, we will gladly exchange the item or refund you. All returns are subject to us receiving the item back within 7 days of purchase. Items must be returned with their original packaging and, unless they were damaged prior to you receiving them, must still be in an unused and saleable condition.


Returns Process:

To return an item, please contact our head office.

When Returning goods, please include the following information:

• Your Order number if known (appears on the top of the confirmation email)
• Your name, address, email address & phone number.
• A description of the item you are returning
• Whether you would like a refund or exchange. If you wish to exchange it for a different item,
please include the name and item number of the replacement item.


Thank you for shopping with us!